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Save Time, Money & More—With Exclusive, Automated, Water & Energy-Efficient Pool Equipment

in ground pumps
Pool owners trust Hayward to keep their in-ground pools in optimum condition. The products that heat, clean, light, chlorinate and control your pool should be able to meet the heavy demands of clean water flow. Our rugged equipment is engineered to work hard so you don’t have to.

Universal H-Series ASME Gas Commercial Pool Heater

ASME Heater.jpg
Model: SP3400VSP
Hayward Commercial Pool’s Universal H-Series ASME gas heaters are designed and certified for commercial use. The flagship of our H-Series line encompasses high-end features and construction materials as standard. They combine industry-leading hydraulics, exceptional performance, energy efficiency and reliability, with planet-friendly low-NOx emissions. Flexible connection options make them ideal for new or existing applications. Choose from 250,000 and 400,000 BTU natural gas or propane models.


  • Patented Cupro Nickle Finn Plate™ heat exchanger with bronze header as standard
  • Independent left or right side electric, water and gas connections
  • 2in x 2 1/2in CPVC flanged connections
  • ASME pressure relief valve included as standard
  • Electronic lock-out feature prevents unauthorized access to configuration settings
  • Easy installation and service via access of single front panel
  • Easy gas valve adjustment
  • Easy dual voltage conversion with fuse-protected circuit boards
  • Texas Heater Kits Available
Can be used on all commercial pools and spas
asme heater drawing

EcoStar® Variable Speed Pump

EcoStar® Variable Speed Pump
Model: SP3400VSP
Speed Range: 600-3450 RPM
Voltage: 230V Single Phase
Union Connections: 2″ x 2 1/2″
EcoStar® variable speed pump is the most efficient pump at any speed. This Pool Pump can save up to 90% on energy costs compared with ordinary single-speed units. Instead of running continuously at maximum power, the EcoStar pump efficiently regulates its flow according to the pool’s requirements at any given time. It is suitable for new construction as well as the aftermarket.


  • Most efficient pump at any speed. Its super-efficient permanent magnet, totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motor and industry leading hydraulic design can save homeowners up to 90% on their energy costs
  • Service mode allows servicers to clean pools quicker
  • Integrated controller is programmable with a self-contained 24-hour clock and up to 8 custom speeds and timer functions that allow EcoStar to manage flow throughout the day
  • Title 20 compliant
  • Multi-position interface can be repositioned so it’s accessible from any direction or it als can be removed and mounted to the wall
  • Applications:
  • In-ground pools of all types and sizes, pool/spa combinations
  • Ideal for water features such as waterfalls and fountains
  • Fully programmable with a self-contained 24-hour time clock with up to eight custom speeds and timer functions
  • For enhanced pool management, can be controlled by Hayward® or other third-party pool and spa control platforms, without the need for additional accessories
ecostar perdata

Perflex® Extended-Cycle D.E. Filters

Perflex® Extended-Cycle D.E. Filters
FILTER TYPE: Extended-Cycle Diatomite, EC65A or EC75A
FILTER TANK: Injection-molded Polymer
FILTER ELEMENTS: Dacron Flex-Tubes (120)
FASTENINGS: Stainless Steel
DIMENSIONS: 21” W x 31” H (533 mm x 787 mm)
Perflex® Extended-Cycle D.E. filters clean pools fast, removing particles as small as two microns the first time through. Its patented Flex-Tube design gives longer cycles between cleaning because the same D.E. filter powder is used over and over.


The Perflex® Extended-Cycle DE filter series cleans pools fast — removing the smallest particles the first time through. That’s because Perflex incorporates a patented Flex-Tube™ design that works in combination with D.E. (diatomaceous earth) filter media to produce the clearest, most sparkling water possible.
The exclusive Perflex Extended-Cycle gives you long filter cycles between cleaning — up to eight weeks depending on pool size and use. Because the same D.E. filter media is used over and over again, Perflex is a real work saver. And, it only takes minutes to extend the cycle. Perflex filters stretch your dollars too! Since Perflex cleans without backwashing, you save hundreds of gallons of treated pool water. Plus, Perflex saves on electricity because its efficient design offers less resistance to flow and produces more filtered water with less pump horsepower.
No Backwash – When conventional filters need backwashing, Perflex only needs “Bumping”. “Bumping,” repositions the dirt within the filter so the flow of water is not impeded. This is called Regeneration, because flow and pressure are restored, extending the filter cycle. When the dirt-holding capacity of the Perflex filter is reached, cleaning is simple. Just “Bump” and drain.